Over the last number of years I have concentrated on garden and floral images, building up not only a large library of images but also a sizeable following on social media. I try to focus on the subtle differences between light and shade, which is the reason I became interested in photography. Shady gardens and plants provide the perfect subject matter for when I’m behind the camera and I am also a passionate gardener currently developing a small city garden filled with perennials collected from around the globe.

To me, photography is about the dynamism that exists between light and shade. It’s the reason I became interested in photography and is the driving force behind my personal style. The subtle differences between dark and light in my photographs can be barely discernable at times, but without this dynamic would result in an image lacking vibrancy. As a result, I will happily sit for hours or days waiting for the right moment and I will visit a location many times to capture it adequately. The work which is on display on my website has been taken over a number of years and represents an ongoing and continued development of my style.